To fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the Academic Alliance Foundation is dedicated to supporting unique, sustainable programs to combat the disease in the countries hardest hit by the virus.

The Academic Alliance Foundation, AAF, believes that to combat the daily ravages of the AIDS epidemic in Africa and other parts of the World, countries must have a capacity to train, treat and develop research and care strategies within their own settings. The AAF is acutely aware that international resources are needed by the most affected countries in order to reach this goal.

AAF’s unique approach to the crisis pulls together multiple organizations and institutions from around the world, uniting them in the fight against the epidemic. Through building public-private partnerships AAF creates innovative solutions by merging corporate, academic, North American and Ugandan cultures to combat the crisis in new ways. The AAF brings needed medical training and treatment capacity to hard-hit regions and strengthens the education and research capacity of academic institutions through state-of-the-art training, treatment, laboratory facilities and IT systems.