Payday Lending in The USA, Europe and Africa

The phenomenon of payday lending in its modern form appeared in the 18th century due to the conservatism of large commercial banks operating in Europe and the United States. For a long time, they preferred to work with clients that are similar to them. As a result of the unmet demand for small loans in […]

The Median Cost of Medical Treatment in US Clinics

The USA is a country with expensive but very effective medicine. US citizens are well aware of how important it is to have insurance in this country. Otherwise, the treatment of even a flu can cause serious damage to the family budget. As for medical tourism in the United States, treatment here is usually 20-80% […]

Start-Ups Are Changing the Face of Health Care in Africa

Access to medicine in Africa and Asia is limited due to many problems, from the high cost of medicines and services to a lack of reliable equipment. But some companies and charities are trying to overcome these difficulties with innovative approaches. Birthing kits Indian authorities want pregnant women to give birth in clinics, not at […]