Conducting High Level HIV/AIDS Research in Africa

researchResearch at IDI is conducted by teams of outstanding investigators from around the world, funded by leading research agencies, and bolstered by state-of-the-art data management capabilities and an internationally accredited laboratory. One major goal of the IDI Research Program is to generate information that will help improve the quality of healthcare services for people with HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa. Research findings can immediately impact the quality of care in IDI’s clinic and elsewhere as they are disseminated through workshops, conferences, publications and other scientific platforms. IDI research begins with the IDI’s patients and is focused on HIV, tuberculosis, and other conditions that disproportionately affect health in the region.

AAF and IDI are committed to building the next generation of academic medical researchers in Africa. Mentoring and fellowship programs are strengthening the faculty and facilities for training and research at Makerere University and other African institutes of higher education. One initiative, the Nelson Sewankambo Clinical Scholars Fellowship Program, couples outstanding African clinicians with at least one internationally recognized investigator who commits to providing five years of substantive on-going mentorship. Within five years, young investigators are expected to have contributed at least five peer-reviewed papers and to have become principal investigators on at least one internationally recognized grant. During this process, scholars also develop their own research teams and in-turn mentor another generation of young Ugandan investigators. This fellowship program allows African institutions to expand the level of “in-country” clinical and applied research, without significant assistance or guidance from Western institutions.

Please visit the Research page on the IDI website for a current list of Projects being conducted at IDI as well as a list of recent Publications and Conference Abstracts.